Jonathan AlvaradoHyper-growth hacking for startups

Fundraising: Raised over $50million in venture capital and angel investment for Startups

Sales: Responsible for over $360million in new sales revenue for Startups

GTM & Pricing Strategy: Developed over a dozen successful go-to-market strategies and pricing strategies for startups

Customer Retention: Regularly develop and implement customer retention processes and customer loyalty strategies

Acquisition & Retention Training: Challenger Sale, Challenger Customer, Sandler Sales, Psychology of Selling, Spin Selling, The Effortless Experience, etc.

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This might be in my wheelhouse, but if not, I know who I can refer you to. I currently the Chief Growth Officer of a startup that has SaaS and Marketplace services. I’m in charge of growth strategy, revenue generation, customer retention, GTM strategy, pricing strategy, distribution channels, fundraising, hiring, etc.

There’s a few parts to your question.

1. Hiring as a young company with a limited budget is as much art as science. Depending on what skill set you need, I can help you place US-based or India-based team (or a hybrid which is what I do for my current startup)

2. Getting Project Managers to join your team in this competitive market often comes down to who has the better comp plan. Creative comp plan structure is important. Happy to help hear

3. The risk and confidentiality part will never go away. However, I’m happy to help you with the proper language to protect yourself. There are also a couple tools that help you quickly turn on or turn off outside rep access to your systems

2 paths you can take:

1. Hire a recruiter - I work with a handful of recruiters that specialize in different geographies and levels of seniority

2. Hire yourself - I’m happy to help you with best practices and strategy for finding, interview, hiring and ramping up a commissioned sales team Very Quickly

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