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6 time entrepreneur. LUSH cleaning services, Big Banks Productions- a graphic design and videography agency, AZ Virtual Solutions- an organization created to assist other entrepreneurs in every aspect of business operations. I'm also a marketing consultant, business coach, personal development consultant, and tarot reader!

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If you don't currently have an LLC for the business performing IT services, you could create a DBA (Doing Business As) and offer those IT services under the first business you mentioned. One business can have many DBA's which is good for promoting services as if it is it's own business. By using DBA's you don't have to file separate taxes for them either! Another option is you could create an umbrella company, which is something I did. If you see yourself offering even more services in the future, this may be a good idea. I would need to know more information about how your businesses are operating to know if an umbrella company would be a good option. Hopefully this helps, if you need further assistance you can schedule a call and we can go into more detail about all of your options!

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