Melanie PatelliCEO Avenir International Consulting - Consultant

I'm the CEO of a consulting company based in Latin America. Consultant and researcher, I am pursuing a master's degree in International Trade Relations and I hold a degree in International Relations.
I have more than 8 working years in the area: working as a consultant for companies abroad, helping them to do businesses in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and other countries in LATAM.

I can help you to know the laws and regulations in Latin America, firstly in Argentina. Also, I can do Market Research according to specific requirements.

I can easily send to you the information in English and Spanish.

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Hey, have you ever tried to hire freelancers? If the job position will be Virtual you can try really good apps such as Upwork, Freelancer, or PeoplePerHour.
I had really good experiences being a virtual assistant and hiring them by these apps.
The best for your project.

I hope you are OK!
I'm Melanie, a consultant, and market researcher.
Regarding your question, Can you explain a little more about it? Are you trying to export or expand your local market?
Where are you from?

If you are agree, we can schedule a call to talk about your project!

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