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Your best bet would be to target those people on Facebook, and on Plenty Of Fish, these sites allow you to target their users on a demographics level.

Once you have created ads, make sure your landing page speaks to their pain points, and solves their problem. They will start paying attention to what you're saying, and after some time, you can sell them your services.

Social logins are great because they allow you to tap into your user's network. But if your app doesn't have any viral capabilities, a social login becomes another registration form.

To identify a potential viral factor in your app, answer the following questions:

1. What is a strong reason that would encourage a random user to download your app?
2. After a user downloads the app, what value will he gain if he invites his friends to download your app?
3. What is a strong reason for someone who received a friend invitation to download your app?

Your answers to the above questions should solve one or more pain points for your users. After you have reached satisfying answers, you need to do the following:

1. Modify your business app in order to include any additional features that are necessary to address the issues answered above.
2. Modify your messages and marketing efforts in order to highlight the pain points you're solving for your users.

I hope this helps.

Since you're already using metals for naming your packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, only makes sense to add a Titanium package.

The names you are suggesting are good, but you'll need to change your naming convention to something like: Basic Partner, Standard Partner, Collaborative Partner, Exclusive Partner... Keep all naming conventions the same.

I hope this helps.

The tools and languages you use do not matter as much as your understanding of sound programming principles. I've programmed in a variety of languages and frameworks, and I could tell you that they're just tools that will help you get the job done, IF you use them properly.

If I was just starting out, here is what I would do:

1. Read and learn about Object-Oriented Programming (OOP). If you're going to build anything more than a few web pages, you'll need to know OOP. Checkout Deitel & Deitel books for a relevant title. These textbooks are just excellent.

2. Once you have mastered the above, research, choose a stack and stick to it. Unless you have very specific needs, all of them should get the job done. Learn that framework, and get really good at it.

3. Once you feel you have mastered your current skills, challenge yourself by trying to improve things even more. (e.g. better code commenting, version control...) If you want to succeed as a full stack web developer, you'll have to keep learning and pushing your boundaries. (Hint: You should also enjoy it)

I hope this helps.

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