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Communication engineer, web developer and Internet marketer with 15 years of experience, a huge number of launched projects in different directions, at this stage I am engaged in consulting and automation of business processes

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Good afternoon I am a developer of ude for more than 15 years here is the last project on the crypt write implement any and not expensive

You can write, implement any project, and promote the experience of 15 years,

Well, to begin with, a more detailed tk is necessary, I would make an admin on larawel + bootstrap screwed some beautiful admin with there are also constructs on the same site to twist everything else on php added on api uploading articles from some thematic sites and wall

Добрый день, готов помочь в реализации проекта кау на стороне разраьотки так и иньернет маркетинга, запуск маркетинговой части, анализ и автоматизация процессов пишите буду рад сотрудничать

Options to make it profitable a very large number, I would advise the target in Facebook to choose a placement 'news feed' or contextual reulama, if in Usa then a credit limit of $ 500 is also not bypassed by the rayot over the site, the adaptive does not rayot well with my version and in general it is necessary to restore usability.

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