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Country Head for the UK at Impress, the experts in invisible orthodontics.

Private investor based in London, investing in health care and technology. Have helped numerous startups to raise capital, including Echobox, Medefer, SupportRoom and Impress

Was an emerging market equities portfolio manager with a specialty investing in Russia and the former Soviet Union. In eight years, I have produced top-decile returns.

I am the author of "Peak Performance of Trading and Investing", a 335 page book looking at how to discover the best of what works for all investors and traders.

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You can find the team anywhere- Indeed, Linkedin, referrals from friends and your existing team etc.

The real key is in the interviewing. You need to find people who are motivated, bring new skills to the table, and who want to learn and grow

I recommend Lou Adler's book for how to do this properly

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