Puneet JainAn Absolute Diluted Operational Leader

Savvy Operations Leader with an indelible reputation for delivering inventive business strategies and client-focused solutions that improve margins. Recognized for transforming global operation systems profitably and productively.

Out-of-the-box, visionary thinker who champions innovative solutions to elevate organizational performance, including global
training programs, new business development, partnership establishment, and more. Known for maintaining an
uncompromising focus on high quality standards and bottom-line profit improvements, conducting expansive market
assessments to uncover key revenue drivers and vital expansion opportunities.
Broad experience building profitable start-up divisions, growth business lines, deal transactions and streamlined operations.
Mobilizes top-tier talent to create high performing cultures that consistently achieve in volatile markets and to ensure a trusted
place for our Alliances and Channel Partners.
Cross-Geographical & Cultural Team Integration | Strategic BU Development &
Execution | Value Proposition | Financial Performance | P&L Responsibility |Clients
Engagement | Operational & Productivity Improvement.

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Foremost Critical thing and challenge is to find the Niche. In Addition Market Research , There are several Parameters which encompasses to prepare for a Bulls eye Approach. Such as - Finding the Gap in the Market, Built a Product specific to end user mindset, Strategize the implementation in phases to ensure and address the lag, to be built on Acceptance Model, Ensure the Optimized Cash Flow - A Critical Factor, Targeted Segment to be well executed following R&D as par with Likes, Dislikes, Issues, Geographies, Requirement, Etc.

For More Details, Book Me to fetch out the value proposition from a multi dimensional Approach.

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