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Prior to becoming an Airbnb host, DaVonna, spent years working as a dedicated financial accountant for a popular Fortune 500 company. Within months of launching, her Airbnb profits exceeded her salary earning her first six-figure year!!

AirbnbwithD offers training, financial planning, courses, consultations, and a Facebook Group that serves as 24/7 support after training concludes.

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Simply put, If under 18, I'd instruct the student to persuade his parents to start a LLC, Trust, or Corporation. Analyzing what would be profitable and locating passion projects within the venture.
I'd show the student how easy building business credit is when you have a business and how much leverage you receive financially by doing so. In 45 days one could go from $0-$100,000 in business credit. That's far more powerful than anything else I can think of. There's more but that's a start.

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