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Co-Founder and Owner of My Athlete Box and serial Entrepreneur. Leadership and Business Development Success Coach. Empathy Expert. Degreed Mechanical Engineer with 10 years of experience in Corporate America. I help leaders and companies execute plans for growth by building up their teams and growing outward.

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Hi there, I recommend creating a job description and posting it on Indeed. We've had success with Indeed as it doesn't cost us to post jobs on their platform. Also, speak with a Business Attorney as they can guide you on what to offer your new hires if you're offering equity vs. salary. Hope this helps but let me know if you need me to provide additional support to your company. Thanks!

Hi there! I recommend (and have done this for my own Startup) creating your job description(s) and posting them for free on Indeed. Then, consider talking to a Startup Attorney to find out how you can offer stake in your company. There are ways you can offer this without having to give up % of the business, if you choose. Hope this helps but I'm here if you need additional mentoring or advice, I've been through it all!

Hi! Great question. Have you considered contacting both large and small subscription box companies? They're always looking to buy new, innovative products and you could offer them wholesale so that you take some profits home. The other idea you could also try out is selling at local markets. Hope this helps and am happy to throw out some more ideas if needed!

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