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Want to flesh this question out a bit more?
You can get a high-end website for free if you're willing to put in the work.

If you're willing to help us with social media, I'll give you a 50 page website template.

I gained 4k followers after one week of posting.
I got bored and quit.
Here's my method.

There is a hook, then the meat, then the Call to action.

Suppose I'm selling a software to help bloggers get mentions from other blogs.

First hook is something that sounds like, "This lets bloggers blow up.

The meat is 1-2 sentances on why its awesome, focus on benefits

"All a blogger has to do is click this button (Show it)
and get the emails to pitch their content for them to link it

"They can save up to 500$ if they DIY it with the tool

Call to action for the first 10k users can be, "follow me"
"Follow me for more"

Are you willing to get your hands dirty with the work yourself to bring the total cash outlay down?

The average price of a SEO agency / freelancer is about $100. Having worked with video marketers (as one myself) you're looking at a total investment of about $2k/mo for a few months before you get an ROI from organic.

However -- if you're willing to do the writing to represent your brand and educate your users then you can save usually 75% of the total costs.

SEO is process oriented and outsourceable.

There are services that do all the technical work & heavy lifting, then give you the processes to finish the rest of the work with step-by-step instructions.

That is for the on-page and for any content marketing for the blog.

There are also link building software that I made that makes link building reductive and easy.

In short -- you can get links built with maybe an hour of time, with 90% of the work being done writing content for the other website so they can link to you.

If you'd like to have a quick chat, you can reach me here.

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