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Solo Affiliate Marketer earning over $8k/month passive income with Amazon and eBay affiliate programs.

Recent Answers - great resource with price ranges and minimum orders shown. If you know what you are doing you can usually negotiate to the terms that you desire with the prospective supplier.

Let me know if you want to jump on a call and find the right supplier together.

The key to growing your media empire is distribution. You have to nail down your systems so that every piece of content you create reaches the most people possible.

Focus on one network first and try to build from there. I usually recommend starting with Twitter.

1. Create a few accounts and share via RSS content from other industry blogs. You can set that up via
2. Follow your competitors' followers with those accounts. Unfollow those who do not follow back via ManageFlitter.
3. Share your articles on your main account.
4. Retweet and favorite from the other accounts.

This will create a "network effect" especially if you target specific keywords. Eventually you will be able to get your content to rank high when people search the hashtag you targeted.

Would love to jump on a call and get more involved in the project!

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