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My background includes over 25 years of professional experience helping companies build, sell, and deliver creative content. I have a BS & MS in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Management/Media/Entrepreneurship.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped startups to industry leaders in Video, User Experience, Communications, Advertising, Entertainment, Video Games, Animation, Training, Presentations, Photography, Industrial Design, Music, and Fashion.

I run, where I help artists create, grow, and operate their online courses. Whether you're planning a new course or already have courses, I can help you with marketing, content, technology, and operations.

If you are looking for right-brained tech/sales/ops knowledge for your left-brained creative course business, we’re probably a good match, so feel free to reach out.

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Consider using a third party solution like Kajabi, MemberPress,, or MightyNetworks. MightyNetworks allows you to create a premium membership site for free.

If you can use a platform like WP, just charge for creating a baseline site with WooCommerce. Let them know that this cost will help them regardless of if they start with 1 product or grow to over 100. Price could be from $1500 to $5000.

You can certainly use word, powerpoint, but I like using free google sheets for this. Just change the orientation to vertical and 8.5x11.

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