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You can definitely find someone to loan you money for starting a business, but you might find that hard since people always want to get something in exchange of whta they are giving especially when it's about money. A better idea is to get someone that wants to invest in something and they can invest in your idea. You can have shares or split things in however way you like. If you hvae any question regarding this topic, feel free to call me.

First, sell the items you think will work first so that you can also test it. If you do not have the nventory, then get those products. Make a clear plan and start following it. You can attract customers by selling it with a low price. Make sure your items are worth buying.
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It depends on you target audience and what they use the most but top social media marketing websites and apps are : Facebook, Youtube , Linkedin , Pinterest.
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Many professionals usually figure it out all by themselves, you don't have to go anywhere. But a career advice is always a bonus, you can try this website for example to get an advice. But the most important thing is for you to really dig in and find what you really want to do, YOU are the only one person that knows what you want best. Having an advice or someone to show you the way is also good.
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This is a good idea, you can definitely start without having to spend so much money on marketing. You have social media which are all free to promote and also there are many other ways to promote for free and also for a cheap price. All you need is a good marketing plan. For further explanation regarding this topic, feel free to ask me any question. use link for a free call.

First thing is to find your niche and making sure it's a niche you're passionate about, then looking at what people enjoy and blending it together. then to be consistent just like any other social platform and give value which is a key to gaining followers. If you want more in depth explanation, You can request a call on this link : for free explanation.

There are many ways to make money through the Internet Some are : Freelancing, starting your own blog/website and monetizing it, starting a Youtube channel, Being an affiliate marketer, selling online courses, buying and selling domains, answering questions and much more.
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