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Hello. All i can say is that you can sale your beauty brands in the following ways without breaking a bank.
You will need to set up your online store in case you do not have one. I will recommend signing up at- https://www.bluehost.com/track/caesim/ since they have affordable rates, free SSL certificate, and a free domain name for the first year. Try out their free trial, i am sure it will cost you nothing.
Now use your website to describe the texture, application, finish, and use of the product. Customers do not have access to trying your product on their own skin. So be as detailed as possible. Keep it less cluttered while adding full ingredient listings, warnings, allergy notices and beauty tips. Enhance product pages with large clear images of the product on a white back ground. Consider using more media like videos and make up tutorials can live on product pages or gallery on the website. Bluehost has nice themes which are fully customizable and can accommodate your brand’s logo, fonts, colours and design.
Market your beauty products. The beauty space is so challenging and competitive for emerging brands, while the industry is saturated with large brands that have even larger ad spends. Now for your case if you do not want to break a bank then i would recommend you sign up for a marketing software called GetResponse at https://www.getresponse.com/?a=WVK9TnCHHf. Depending on your niche audience, identify them, find out where they hang out, speak their language.
Tip. Email marketing will be an important means to get you sales and all this is possible with Get Response. GetResponse is a powerful tool , simplified tool to send emails, create pages, and automate your marketing. By the way, they have a free trial which you can decide to try out. So with GetResponse you will get leads, sales and your business will grow.
Also use the power of social proof and product reviews. Study shows that 70% of people say they look at product reviews before making a purchase. Word of mouth from your average customer can be powerful. So consider offering discounts on future purchases or send product samples to encourage sharing which in the end will give reviews to your products hence making more sales.
You can also use brand partnerships and use of beauty influencers. There are people who make their living by promoting other brands. An example is James Charles who has been viewed more than 43 million times. Most beauty customers are turning to their online influencers on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram before buying a product. If you decide to partner with an influencer , there are many lesser- known creators with smaller but engaged audiences who may be more affordable to work with if you are just starting out and you do not want to break a bank.
If you follow the above methods then am sure you will be able to sale your beauty products without breaking a bank and more so i am available for a strategy call just in case you have more questions. Let me know what you think or share with me what you think will be appropriate for you to sale your beauty products from the above methods.

Have helped a number of people when it comes to generation of leads with an experience of more than 13 years in marketing and sales.
There are a number of tools that will track leads for you and they vary price and functionality. Personally I would recommend to use Google Analytics because it is the most widely used analytics platform in the world and having in-depth data about your site’s traffic, visitor behavior and on site conversions. So that way you will have a track of your leads on your website.
That aside one can also use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. While it is very possible to set up and track leads by use of spreadsheets and other tools, it is by far better to use the CRM software. An example of a trusted CRM that allows you to consolidate leads, activities and contact details using a single application is Salesforce. To prioritize leads allows you to spend time on those that are most likely to close. Salesforce Essentials makes it easy to capture leads directly from your website in to your CRM with a simple lead form generator. This is a paid service but you can even start with a free trial to begin tracking your website leads today.
I am available for a call just in case of more follow up questions.

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