LaQuida Chancey (Serial Entrepreneur) Strategic Consulting, Marketing and Real Estate

Serial Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Event Creations, Xavier Estates and Founder of Smalltimore Homes – Real Estate Investor (2 current projects). Passionate about housing policy and volunteerism.

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You can find distressed sellers, or properties that aren't owner occupied, and rent them out on AirBnB if they are in highly desirable areas, and furnished/designed well, you will be able to pay the rent to the landlord, and function as a property manager for the rentals.

Do you have a business license for this entity? If so you will probably qualify for a SBA loan or grant. You can also work on business credit or a line of credit from your business banker.

If you do or don't have a business license - You can crowdfund or fundraise as well. You may also want to consider starting another way, for example you can find a vacant unit in a highly desirable area and work out an agreement with the landlord to cover their desired rent amount, and pocket or split the AirBnB revenue.

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