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Hey, Hope your doing well. I am suing subscription management software for one of my magazine subscription business and I am very satisfied with their services. I hope you are also looking for such a management system that can handle and well manage your educational workshop membership. Here is the link you can find more details.
Hope this well help. Thanks

For our nonprofit botanical garden and animal sanctuary, I've been using the Techloyce Nonprofit Success Pack. I like it since you can modify it to your needs and it allows you to have up to 10 members for a very reasonable price. I also like that their Trailhead videos make learning the system and figuring out how to customize it for your individual needs a breeze, or you can submit a ticket to have a Salesforce professional assist you with your modification. My only issue is that some of my other products do not integrate with Salesforce because they were picked years before I started working here (like Vanco for online credit card donations). You can check details at

As a result, I presently have to manually enter data such as donations and membership fees. Techlyce is well worth the investment because so many products now integrate with it. Aside from that, I believe Salesforce is a really powerful product that is well worth the investment.

It's all about value-based marketing; you have to provide your customer something helpful for free (e.g., knowledge, advice, an e-book, etc.), and once they regard you as a resource (read: a friend), they'll be a warm lead when you ask them to buy from you.

Dropbox, for example, provides its program for free, which is really handy and provides a large amount of storage. When you hit that storage limit, most customers are willing to pay for the premium subscription because Dropbox has earned such a stellar reputation. Many users would not have downloaded Dropbox if it demanded money up front.

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