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Having Google Ads and F&B trade media tells me that you have an initial process setup for Inbound Sales.

Why not go ahead and launch Outbound Sales? One of the key advantages here is that you basically can target whoever you want and, if this is done right, this will be very cost-effective.

There are 3 approaches you can consider applying here:

1. Account-based Sales.

Depending on what CRM you are currently using, this can be a great opportunity. I used Hubspot for this approach, but I'm sure there are other tools that will make it possible. One of Hubspot's many tools allows you to see the companies that have visited your website. You (or your sales team) then need to go through the list of companies that visited your website and see which ones fall under your ICP. After having done that, you reach to them either via highly target email or via Social media (f.e. LinkedIn) or a mixture of both.

2. Cold Targeted Outreach.

I normally use this approach to reach out to prospects from the mid-market segment. I apply this in a way where 50% of the focus is on quality and 50% on quantity. Most of the time you will be using a mix of highly personalized email sequences, social media approaches, and direct calls to reach out to prospects.

3. Personalized Outreach.

Similar to the previous method, but slightly different. Usually, I use this for the Enterprise market segment only. It requires a lot of research to be done from your end before you reach out to the prospect. The difference here is that this is highly personalized and very targeted than any other. While the number of such outreaches will be smaller, this approach is supposed to bring enterprise clients onboard.

Some of the ways to make sure your message stands out:

- You address their specific pain points;
- You do your homework before pitching them to make sure your product actually makes sense to them;
- Again, it's all about personalization and you can go about this in many ways - from checking out their social media all the way to sending them a recorded (specifically for them) video, instead of sending an email, making a phone call or approaching them on LinkedIn.

Final note - of course, some of these notes might more/less helpful, depending on the specifics of your business, product, market, etc. In any case, I hope this was helpful - feel free to reach out, in case, there is anything else you think I could help you with.

Best of luck!

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