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This was Cordell's story:

He had no money, no health insurance, no certifications, he didn't own where he lived, he didn't own a vehicle, he didn't have any companionship or any real friends. He felt hopeless and what's worse is he realized that every dream he ever had was shot down by the harsh reality of simply not having enough money! He was also locked into a job he hated. He read that the average American spends 12% of their life doing what they like to do and the other 88% they feel is wasted. He quickly realized this was him. He was constantly surrounded by people who brought him down. The 1st of the month came and he barely had enough money to pay his bills or enjoy his time. The stress kept him up all night tossing and turning. His family and friends needed his help but he couldn't help them because he was barely surviving his-self. He felt burned out and he knew that his body needed a break but he couldn't even afford a short vacation. He constantly watched everyone else around him having fun enjoying the good life while he was stuck grinding away!

Fast forward to the present, things are really positive and very different. Cordell Hicks is a business owner, CPT(Certified Personal Trainer) & CFP(Certified Financial Planner), author and investor. Life looks promising and he is well on his way to achieving his dream of financial freedom!

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I have several successful businesses.
With writing a successful business plan, try to focus on some key factors:
- Identity
- Problem Solving
- Solutions
- Customer Base
- Competition
- Sales
- Marketing
- Forming the right Team

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