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I have been able to add value to companies of all sizes, from pre and post IPO companies to growth phase and start-up organizations. I look at every business challenge as unique and work with stakeholders to create the best fit of strategies to meet their needs, budgets and the outcomes that they seek. My notable strengths are: Start-up Consulting, Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Sales and Marketing Strategy, SEO, Product Launches, Business Development, Marketing Automation, Business Analysis, Negotiation, Business Valuation and Exit Strategist. Above all, I offer my clients results, consummate sales and marketing strategies, branding, website YouTube video and blogging optimization, marketing content, creative and ongoing successful business and campaign Ideas. Proven ability to adroitly, completely assess, and execute on key performance indicators to grow top line revenues, and increase operational efficiencies in fast-paced environments. I'm known as a business professional that moves with alacrity, and focuses on strategic, repeatable business processes, product improvement and value creation and innovation for all stakeholders-providing relevant, profound, impactful, actionable consulting to clients that want to grow and scale their companies. I want to be known as someone that really made a difference in helping my clients grow and scale applying Lean Start-up and Minimally Viable Product principles to existing capital and Omni-distribution capabilities’ continuum. I have had the honor and fun to work with many start-ups, and grow a start-up to a $90,000,000 all cash sale to a New York VC, and I also played a pivotal role growing another start-up into a mutli-billion dollar private finance firm.

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The SEC is tasked to monitor, and punish if necessary illegal acts committed by trading in securities.

They are the "Watch Dog" of Wall Street.

Unfortunately, there are not enough skilled employees, and funds to really do their job, so a lot of unlawful acts slip through the cracks.

The SEC does enforce their regs. and will levy huge fines and other sanctions.

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