Faisal AhmedAge 37, Live in Karachi-Pakistan, Married.

A seasoned business professional, having good understanding of Sales, Marketing, supply Chain, Ecommerce, and business development in consumer, nutrition and pharmaceutical industry. Worked with Abbott, Nestle, Danone, HTV, Jubilee Life Insurance, Zubaidas little darling, Tommee Tippee & Nuby. Having MBA-Marketing & MS-Management Sciences Degrees.

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There are thousands of ways to earn money through internet. What kind of expertise do you have related to internet world.

The best way is to set your margins on purchases through your platform. Also you can set a monthly or yearly subscription charges for all the services on your platform.

Intercept the market with a mix of offerings from premium to main stream; you should have something for everyone.

First and the most important thing is the quality of content you produce.
Second thing is the appropriate propagation of your content to the masses through all digital mediums.

B2C marketing means "Business to Consumer". This is a mode of business where we direct target the consumer of product or services we offer, e.g. FMCG products, Garments and apparels, Fashion and style products, Mobile phone networks etc.

In B2C marketing we actually target the mass or a single or multiple segment of masses; so if we speak about the conventional ways of marketing then yes we need money but as we all know this new era belongs to the digital game so go for the digital marketing which is a cheaper and more effective and result oriented mode of marketing.

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So many things are unclear, what product category you are dealing with? You mentioned startups and businesses, this reflects some kind of intangible products and services you are dealing with? You said you have an option to charge the lead generations, this sounds like you have a B2B business model? If this is the case you better set your margins on sales done.

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Yes dear you can initiate this venture without a big marketing and advertisement budget. This era is of digital marketing and DM is much cheaper and result oriented as compare to conventional marketing; you can hit you target market through social media channels and can drive these people to do online or offline shopping of whatever you offer. Lets start this now, don't wait, otherwise someone can steal your idea.

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Faisal Ahmed

If you have an already established business then the strategy would be different and if you are going to launch the same kind of business in India then the steps would be different.

Keeping your words in consideration that you want to grow it, it means you already have such business with you, now the timeline of your business in the market matters a lot. Anyways following things you can do at this stage to grow your business:

Increase your penetration.
Look for other channels e.g. corporate & digital.
If you are premium in the market then launch an affordable product line for other segments as well.
Review your business models, take it to all three models B2C, B2B and B2G.
Optimal utilisation of available resources can also maximise your profitability.


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