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Narcissistic Relationship Recovery Coach, Founder of New Beginnings Book Club. Passionate about helping survivors of toxic relationships and upbringings.

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Let go of perfection. Many times, people wait to start until they THINK the time is right. The right time is right now. What mindsets are holding you back? Do you feel not good enough? Do you have support? Having time dedicated each day to your goals is key to taking the BIG picture and breaking it down into smaller steps. Having a mentor who holds you accountable will be so helpful for you! Best to you and feel free to reach out for a quick mindset call!


The second part of the question is part of the answer. ..."you don't trust your partner because he/she cheated multiple times," tells me that cheating was happening more than once or even twice...and that you are putting the onus on you to trust your partner again. This partner has proved to be untrustworthy, and based on the question, you are still with this person. "Should I stay or should I go," sounds like what you are wondering. The fact is, this partner cheated (multiple times) and you've stayed. Since this question is filed under "Self-confidence," it seems as if staying is a confidence issue for you more than a trust issue. My questions would be: Why would trust need to be repaired by YOU? Why are you placing more stress on your lack of trust than the fact that your partner cheated multiple times? And, do you have an exit plan? I work with people leaving or who have left toxic relationships, and the one thing they always need is a plan. Please reach out so we can work on deeper self-confidence goals together.

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