Jason JacksonSecurity Specialist, Federal and Private details

Security Specialist and NAEMT Certified. Former State Police Dignitary Protection Team. International Music Tours team lead. Advisor for federal and national televised events.

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I would only get advice from the IRS Business Division on this matter. How much could the wrong advice cost you?

Hi I definitely would give it a try however, partnerships and marketing will be very important. We all learn by taking chances. A lot of great companies started small. Let's talk on a call to discuss what a few of my past clients have done with their planes. You have a gold mine.

I would contact Dawn Dickson office with Popcom. She's been on Shark Tank and has a lot of connections. I would also love to hear about your company. I was in India a few years ago with one of the biggest actors there.

Hi this was a great question. Congratulations on fighting through this rough market. I have received a lot of requests from real estate companies that Only deal with high networth clients. Safety is one of their biggest requirements. You can prove your value by partnering with the top companies in your industry. Far as landing your first client, I would only focus on the premium market. Learn everything about the buyers from what they value to their hobbies and then make yourself known. Let's talk further on a call. I feel with the right strategy, it will not be long before you are forced to hire staff to manage all your clients.

Hi, Mr. Ripul Chhabra gave very great answers. I've had clients rent food trucks, street teams promotions, and partner with chefs as marketing. Then they moved to 5 star hotels with high profile guests. Everything was filmed to show credibility. Let me know if you want to discuss other successful techniques I've seen over the years.

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