David LStrategy consulting and AI

Ex-strategy consultant experienced in management consulting and AI product development, currently director of multi-facet functional teams helping clients navigate complex business challenges

- Help clients better understand complex business problems
- Lead large project in strategy, technology and product development
- Coach and grow multi-facet team members
- Influence organizational change

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Ask yourself the question from the recruiter POV. If you were to look at 1000s of resume every week, why would he/she spend more time reading yours carefully?

Also think of matching the skills for the position you are applying.

1) Test the market with a proof of concept product, as long as it serves your target use case
2) Be transparent with your clients: they can provide feedback on your ideas which you haven't thought of
3) Find an industry specialist who's willing to provide constructive feedback: don't be afraid of criticism

1) Define in a few words what's your product value proposition: a compelling offering will help clients quickly understand your service
2) Clients: build trusted relationships, avoid car-salesmen type approach. Clients come to you so you can solve their problems easily.
3) Become the trusted advisor: you have the expertise in your field and product and work in the best interest of your clients
4) Be ready to sell under your costs: cold-start is a tough problem to solve, your first clients are the toughed to build, foster and grow a base and you'll be rewarded in the long run.

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