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Hi, I would do a short market sounding with comprehensive effort, eg. via and searching for your specific requirements. After having selected a short list, you can then see the reviews on - they have a quite comprehensive coverage of software tools. Selection criteria do very much depend on your willingness to employ your own labor into it and how individualized you want to promote your brand. Indeed (as someone in the previous answers already stated), provides you really very helpful templates, where you can gain an idea, how you want to do your branding.
Another option would be to entirely outtask this activity by searching for professionals on or
If I can provide further information or you need a consultation, please let me know. I am happy, to help.

Hi, If I am taking the products provided by Remer (, then those products are combining the functionality of known bath room equipment (mirrors, lightning, etc.) with digital technologies to gain a special user experience (light, vision, audio - maybe video, etc.) or to raise efficiency which could be expressed as financial benefit. In either case, you need to explain, why explicit user experience actually justifies the marginal price for the employed technology. For example:
- creation of an unique ambience
- combination of use cases (content provision)
- high end functionality (employment of sensors with particular functionality)

Furthermore, I would try to create an affiliate program with hotels --> provide them your products at a discount and they promote your products in their facilities.

I hope, I could shed some light into your inquiry. Happy to help further.
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