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You hit the nail on the head.
It does sound like she's projecting an abandonment wound.
Basically, anything that she or her intuition picks up that looks, smells or walks like abandonment, even just talk suggesting someone might leave her, most likely gets her on her toes. For the record, this is a completely normal human response to having dealt with abandonment especially in early childhood. The mind simply creates a protective addition around being abandoned to protect the person from being abandoned in the future. People who have this wound can also have a problem with commitment, because once there is commitment, there really is the possibility of loss. I would not jump off the train for something as mediocre as this. All she needs is to be reassured and assured that you love her and that you will not abandon her. On the other hand, if you do not really love her and are willing to abandon her, then she has a valid reason to feel the way she does. Sit down, be a man and embrace Direct, Clear and Truthful communication with her. Don't throw people away because they struggle with something that hurt them in the past. Everyone has things like this, and its something people can and do grow through especially with the right attitude and support. Lastly, any relationship worth having, will be one where both parties are open to and willing to work and grow together with less or no judgement of eachother's "stuff". Real Love, can only exist in a state of complete acceptance. You only truly Love her, if you completely and utterly accept her with her "perceived" glitches. A great man helps a woman see her true value. Hope you find your truth. Blessings

Hi, you are not in this position because of a scaling problem. Scaling is the solution, the problem is your approach. I suggest you get the team together and revise your Strategy and Plan, STEP by STEP. You have to be very sure what you want to do and you have to brainstorm how you are going to do it. Take a look at the strenghts of each team member, and utilize their strengths in a collaborative fashion instead of everyone doing everything. We create Order out of Chaos, this is partly what we are doing by building a business, bringing all the pieces together. Look at your resources and look at all the different options/scenarios, keep discussing until you have your answer. Work together.

Someone who follows their intuition and then looks for the data to back it up, seems to be doing exactly what they should be. All you have to consider during, is that up until you have the actual data, you could be wrong. But this is simply a part of a very natural process, called being human. I'd be worried if you routinely followed your intuition without looking for data to back it up. Intuition basically, is based on everything bit of information that we have absorbed since birth, we get used to things and learn the ways of life. Our intuitive mind is like a supercomputer in the background, we can't really see what its doing, but it works out relevant things and possible risks en creates a feeling to guide us through life's obstacles. Sometimes not being able to articulate well, is because we think too much and trust too little. You also don't need to explain your reasoning, as long as it leads to good things, why should it matter what anyone else thinks?

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