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Please see my linkeldn profile in order to assess my experience in the shipping sector . Master COC unlimited license with vast experience of more than 20 years in the sector and covering on board the role up to Staff Captain .Well aware about Navigation , safety , environmental , weather data forecast , fuel saving plan , energy conservation and full view how will be my sector of cruise vessel post covid .In case anyone has project related to my Master Mariner skill with all the related subject to it such as firefighting equipment , lifesaving appliances and Security on board let me know

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Good day i' m a Master Mariner therefore working on board with all the equipment in order to monitor consumption and to find the way taking into consideration the power plant of the vessel plus other' s external factor to best way in order to meet both requirement' s such as economic and Safety. Well familiarize with all the new system for energy conservation and fuel oil saving plan . In case.interested let' s have a chat and we can go through the details .

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