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Harvard & University of Minnesota Master's degree educated Entrepreneur with several start-ups under my belt and more than fifteen years of strategic career leadership coaching and experience working for leading international organizations, I help people succeed at making bold and financially wise decisions with a 100% success rate!. I specialize in entrepreneurship, strategic career planning, communications, and leadership.

My clients include IBM, Nike, Google, Pepsi Cola, CBRE & Warner Bros, UN & World Bank.

Let me help you become more successful and financially rich today!

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Hello, I see that you need some help with your beauty brand.

I have Harvard University education and 15 years expert experience launching products for start ups businesses globally.

I can help you launch and increase your sales and exposure to the market as soon as possible.

Schedule a call with me and you won't be disappointed!

Thank you.
Nicholas J BSc (Hons) MA Cert Tesol

As a Human Resources expert who has worked for 15 years with global and top-level clients, I would suggest that there are many reasons why your resume is not attracting the attention of the recruiter. I would like to help you immediately with correcting this problem to get proven results! Please schedule a call as soon as possible!

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