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Webinars are a fantastic way to get leads who then convert into students. How much do you charge for your online course? If it's $997 or less, the whole process could be automated. Your paid traffic will most likely come from Facebook & Instagram.

Facebook groups have slowed down the past year across all of our clients accounts. Pop-up Facebook groups is the new concept that a lot of businesses and coaches are adopting.

Facebook is the best place to start selling a product through Facebook Ads.

If you want it built in the US or Canada, you're looking at $4,000+ depending on the number of pages.

This response is for service-based industries only. We had our B2B prices on the website and noticed lower conversions. When we removed them, we had more inquiries. All inquires go through a quick online form so we can weed out those who can not afford the services we provide prior to connecting with them.

The most important factors are: keyword selection, adding a negative keyword list and your campaign objective. If you know your cost per acquisition, 9 out of 10, Target CPA is the best option to choose. That's what we do every single week:

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