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Qualified Engineer, registered with the Civil Engineering Council of South Africa.
Project management and research experience.
Sales and purchasing professional with years in the business.

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This is very vague, how you spread any knowledge is largely dependent on the type of information you want to put out.

I'm open to share some useful tips, especially related to Project Managent, open for a call.

This is a great idea.
Initially, it sounds as though the centres are meant only for school children, as a form of guidance within the school as a non-profit. Depending on your target market, you may struggle to find clients that are willing to pay a monthly fee because they may feel that it's a trivial exercise, especially when it's something they're new to. I'd suggest you do some market research, there is a big difference in affordability between high-schoolers and adult parents and their priorities will differ greatly.

I'd also advise you reconfigure the method/type of membership. The monthly fee is great for income and client retention however, may be off-putting to lower earning clients. Maybe look into a day-rate or weekly rate as well. This will accommodate someone that would like to experience the facility prior to making a commitment or even someone who can't make the full commitment and only wants to visit your facilities every now and again.

All in all, it's brilliant. Let me know if you've got any follow-up questions that we can handle via a call.

All the best

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