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President of Hydroco Inc - responsible for large scale infrastructure developments and bringing in strategic markets. Work with investors and entities looking to get into the renewable space such as Hydrogen and CO2. Sell transport modules capable of moving large amounts of compressed gas. GTB, LLC - CEO Consult offshore and onshore development projects within the renewable space, oil and gas, hydrogen, desalination, midstream, upstream, utilities, service providers and others trying to find their way into the Energy Transition. Able to use my network to get teams connected to the right people and right direction. Able to help teams visualize and understand how the Hydrogen market works and can be utilized.

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You need to contact Invictus Gurus. They can custom design your own platform that you can own and if you want can sell to others. It would be private to you once completed. They are by far the best team to work with when it comes to custom platforms. You will blow through so much money trying to use cookie cutter platforms and getting what you want out of them. Its best to start with a team like Invictus at the start. contact Daniel Knoodle at

Let me know if you are interested in Hydrogen infrastructure developments. I can connect you with small to large size projects happening right now. All of them have incredible projections for ROI. Our large project is the only Hydrogen project to bring ROI in the short term for not just us but anyone trying to enter the Hydrogen space.

LinkedIn! It is a great way to get a foot in the door with different groups and start conversations with directors. Ask them a question on one of their recent posts or simply ask them to connect because you are seeking direction on the best way to connect with their team.

Make sure to make a LinkedIn account for yourself and network in the areas you are interested in most. Make sure to connect with executives, operational directors, and business development executives, HR, and recruiters as well. Every time someone connects make sure to send them a message along the lines of:
"Hope you are well! Thank you for taking the time to connect with me. I am looking for people who can help me navigate the US and mentor me as I make this transition... I look forward to learning more about what you do."
Another great way is to reach out on the comment section of a new post by someone you wish to connect with or team you want to connect with. Ask them questions about the article and if they could send you more information.

there are numerous ways! LinkedIn is a great platform to get your feet wet and to dive in for networks and groups being developed around these projects.

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