Janice BartelI am in advisory & counselling for atleast 7yrs.

I am an Entrepreneur, an Advisor, a Teacher, an Author, a Trainer, a Coach, a Nutritionist & a Counsellor.

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Still gather cash flow generating assets for your mom business; such as mortgages, bonds, and other types of debt/s and repackage them into discrete classes based on the level of credit risk assumed by you as an investor. Then you can help your mom get her business publicly trade.

To calculate percentage ownership, take the number of shares you were offered, divide it by the total number of fully diluted shares outstanding. How to allocate share in a start-up: 1. Determine the Founder Equity
2. Vesting Schedules
3. Divide the Equity

You can get a trademark to protect against infringements on your domain name. It is essential for a online business. It is used for branded domain names. For an intellectual property as your domain name it is an intangible right, the benefit you'll get of ownership is that you the owner has a right of enforcement. So... yes you can do the trademark or do a intellectual property registration if you want to protect your domain name.

1. Quick & Easy Visual. 2. The buyer can visualize the final image of his/ her home faster when 3D interior design is used. 3. Image credits. 4. Cost Optimization. 5. Save energy & time. 6. Technical Clarity. 7. Holistic View.

Drupal is getting better & is one of the best options for open source content & ecommerce on the market.

1. Select Advertising Platform. 2. Define your Goals. 3. Research your Target Audience. 4. Do ALOT of Research. 5. Have a Pros & Cons Lists. 6. Get a group of people you can trust/rely on to comment their TRUTHFUL thoughts about your Advertisement. 7. Have a unique, fantastic, never been seen relatable Advertisement.

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