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You’re probably not going to want to read this message because there’s hard truth in it, it’s the message you should read though. Marriage is hard. It’s not all bliss. There are times when divorce is ideal but those situations are rare.

Marriage was once truly until death did you part, today we are more liberal about marriage and divorce is easy to get done. No real stigma, no lasting stigma at least, no familial pressure. Wives today are just girlfriends who are expensive to break up with.

I’ve been married for 12 years. It’s been great but it has not been without its very rough spots. Rough spots are in our future. Unless she tried to kill you or straight up cucks you, most of what you have to do is suck it up, work it out. Spoiler alert. You’re going to fuck up. Keep trying.

there are a lot of answers here with some great technical ways to increase sales. That's all fantastic, what are you doing to engage people? Are you going in groups on facebook and developing relationships? Here's an idea, go on a facebook group for weddings and look for people asking jewelry-related questions. Answer them with no expectations. Maybe after you do that for a few weeks and people know you as the expert jewelry lady, they're listening when you ask them to check out your website for rings. Instagram is probably where you're going to shine. Jewels are shiny, take great pics of your stuff, then post them. Get bigger pages to promote your page, this can be done for about $40 for a 24 hour run. It gets you followers and followers become customers. You want and need eyeballs. Maybe do a youtube video where you help people understand a misunderstood thing about jewelry. Whatever people are curious about? What is the difference between a pear stone and a whatever stone, why you should have a wedding ring and wedding band. Why men's bracelets are all the rage.

The best way to approach this is to go for the first deal that sort of makes sense and is short term. Meaning, you aren’t committed to this company for long. See how it works. See what the actual work is compared to the price and ask yourself if it’s worth it. You need to be willing to lose here to learn. This is too new of an area and no one has any real answers. I would say yes to anything that isn’t some real garbage company and watch out for scams then take it from there.

Have you launched an MVP yet? Minimum Viable Product. If not, I would get that done first.spend as little as possible. Get someone in Asia who works a lot cheaper and get a prototype.

If you have an MVP and are ready to have a finished product. Again, go to upwork or fivver. Find someone offshore who works for a few grand and gives you a kick ass product. There is usually no need for some company to do it for you. They’re usually hiring people form upwork anyway. Cut out the middleman.

A solid business plan is a bad business plan. You will find snags. You will find a need to pivot. The market will speak and you will be forced to listen and adjust.

Ask yourself this first; Have I sold anything yet? If the answer is no, forget the business plan. The number one mistake I see in all my mentees is this need to have this “stuff.” Whether it’s a business plan or a formation and bank account. All the fixings but no product. No idea if anyone wants the product. Not just wants it but is willing to pay for it. Find this out first. I mean put real money in your pocket by test running. Or lose money. Failure is a better teacher than success. Get on social. Get on Craigslist. Get on the street. Covid be damned. Then go to some site where you get a template and bang out a business plan. Then you revisit it when things don’t go as planned and you adjust.

Your S Corp is technically another person for legal and tax purposes. All money goes through the Corp first. Then it pays you. So the Corp would send you a check or Zelle deposit (more realistically for modern small business) and now you’re paid. NEVER use your business debit or checks to pay for personal things unless you can tie them to the business. This puts you at risk of liability. A court could “pierce the veil” of your Corp and say, “hey! That fictional legal person is really you, why I ought uh!!!” Now you’re screwed. So don’t do that. In fact, if you want to stay on the safe side, if it can be seen as personal, pay for it with your personal card. I know that wasn’t part of your question but it’s important.

Do anything that won’t get you in serious trouble and won’t rob your dignity. That said, don’t be afraid to do shit work. You need money so you need to humble yourself and maybe drive an Uber or do a shitty retail or restaurant job short term. If you’re serious about being your own boss, you won’t let yourself get stuck there. It’s just a gig to let you get by another month. The road to this life is not always sexy but it’s yours. Good luck brother.

Get on Fivver and upwork ASAP. Find someone in India or Pakistan who has the skills but works for a lot less money. Social media requires a base of people to build it out so you need to also get out there and prime people for this new platform by basically “pre selling” the idea. This does two things, 1. It gives you the audience you need for beta and 2. It gives you a crowdsourcing base for money. Get on telegram. Join the groups. Talk about it on there because those guys are desperate for a new platform. Get on Parler. Engage with similar companies doing what you want to do.

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