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Hello Community my name is Kenny and I am a Freelance Digital Marketer specializing in Paid Search, Paid Social, and S.E.O. I operate in the Western MD, Northern Virginia and D.C metropolitan area. I specialize in Facebook advertising, Google ads, Quora Ads, and much more.

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I'm not 100% but I believe that they have a partnership with the retailers in their network and they get a referral fee from them for each receipt scanned.

I would also imagine that the actual data of what you the consumer is actually purchasing can be valuable also.

For instance if Kellogg learned that 870,000 people are buying a certain type of cereal that the competition sells and they don't, id imagine that would be important to know!

Hopefully that answers your question!

God bless

Hey I'm like 85% sure this is the solution you are looking for the tool is called Phantom Buster and it does email automation as well as social messages.

I would watch the tutorial from Chase Reiner SEO on YouTube for how to use the software.

Good luck! Hope it helps!!👍🏾

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