Andrew McCabeXactimate and Insurance Claim Expert

I help homeowners and contractors navigate insurance claims.
I specialize in writing repair estimates in the Xactimate software program.
Water damage, mold, smoke odor, fire damage.... I've seen it all.
I have experience running multi-million dollar restoration companies and writing multi-million dollar estimates.
I enjoy the small ones though.

Recent Answers

Listen to The Side Hustle Nation podcast for some inspiration and ideas on starting small.
Write a book or two. Seriously. Everyone has a book in them. Then go over to to learn how to self publish.

Wow! First off, you're killing it! Very well done. 50k is an amazing number that you should be proud of.

My recommended next steps is to build out your platform. You've got a fan base and steady traffic of new fans. Try to think of products (digital) that your fans would love.

What problems do they have that you can solve within the realm of your expertise/niche?

I highly recommend you take some time and listen to the podcast Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn. If you don't come away with some ideas, you're headphones are broke. :)

I also recommend you look into the eBook/Kindle publishing space. You can easily combine multiple blog posts into small books which provide value to your clients. Check out for top notch coaching to blow up your niche.

Once you have digital products, you can look into setting up drip email campaigns and direct response marketing. That's what I do for my clients at

And, if you're still hungry for inspiration, check out Side Hustle Nation to listen to folks who've rocked their niches.

Keep up the good work. You've got something to build on for sure.


Hi, I'm just getting started here on Clarity, but I've been in a related industry (insurance restoration) for years.
It's too bad no one reached out to you on this one.

Yes, bonding and insurance are two very different things.

While you may not need a bond (defer to local regulations) to run a cleaning company, you absolutely need insurance.

I recommend both liability and business insurance.

Bonding is usually reserved for general contractors and a limited number of other licensed trades.

Does that answer your question?

You're actually hitting on a special niche that I'very been working on.
As it has already been mentioned, there are a lot folks with the expertise and experience who have either marketing and sold their own product or do if for others for a fee. Their models are fine, but they don't help people like yourself.

I propose that you look at this from an investor's point of view. What is the market (size and description ) and what is the product (What is unique/value prop)?

If there is value there, I suggest instead of a commission proposal, you make an equity play. Give partial ownership (or at least revenue share) to someone who is willing to create the remarketing engine for you.

If your content/product shows promise, and you've done your homework (building email list and Web site), you should be able to find someone willing to risk their time/effort for you.

Like me. :)

I'm not sure why you would front all the $ and have someone else the one who earns the commission. The producer (licensed agent) has all the leverage.
What is the $75k buying? An existing book?

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