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25 years of experience architecting/implementing large-scale cloud infrastructures & applications for fortune 100 companies and startups. Multiple fields of discipline including emerging financial institutions. Past projects include creating CI/CID pipelines within AWS cloud environments. I have a wide range of previous clients including assisting multiple companies to help create a comprehensive strategy to deliver secure and portable cloud-based applications after major security breaches that garnered international attention. Various government institutions architecting a flexible infrastructure that was both scalable and secure, while managing multiple vendor relationships SLAs, directing backend developers through comprehensive technical reports identifying key operating system and application-level bugs based on metric performance, which ultimately contributed to SLES Linux kernel revisions and patches. Along with healthcare facilities; managing numerous offshore teams and contractors, providing technical mentorship and architecture plans to direct large-scale projects such as private cloud and operating system migrations. I have a vast understanding of regulation certifications such as PCI, SOC, and HIPPA compliance. Helping several startups achieve certification, and enterprise-level environments maintain or recertify the aforementioned compliances; simultaneously improving the overall backend environment and retraining staff to enforce best practices. Multiple industry disciplines, including new technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

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I would suggest that if you are a US citizen that wants to get into crypto from an institutional perspective, you set up an offshore decentralized exchange that doesn't allow US citizens, this has a lower cost of entry. Unfortunately, due to various antiquated US government regulations, you are limited to the number of services your exchange can provide (such as peer-to-peer lending); thus affecting the overall amount of transaction and service fees one can collect. Once you are profitable with that exchange, you can think about opening up to US customers with a separate website, and base trading ability only. Overall, you are going to spend a minimum of 4x the startup costs in the US compared to more lax countries such as Cypress. Here are some links to get you started:

Best of luck. If you have any other questions or need any further help, please feel free to contact me. I am always available.

One word, immutability. What makes bitcoin so revolutionary is the inability to change or reverse transactions, thus solving the "double spending" problem that previous digital currencies faced in the past. The decentralized nature of the bitcoin blockchain creates trust for the users of the currency by making transactions harder to either hack or manipulate from a supply standpoint; which in turn provides faith in the stability of the currency.

I would suggest using a site called BTCpop ( This site offers peer-to-peer lending where you can raise capital through either business loans where you pay off in monthly increments; much like a traditional loan you receive from a bank; or by offering bonds where you can pay back a percentage of the raised capital amount over time, using a payment structure that you design and is approved by investors. If you already have a corporation or are thinking about starting a decentralized exchange to sell your coin, you can create an IPO (company) within BTCpop and sell shares of the company as you would with more traditional financial institutions such as the New York Stock exchange. You can also try Nexo, ( and CoinLoan ( these sites are closer to a traditional loan one would receive from a bank, but with lower interest rates and no credit check. I also believe the overall required collateral to qualify for the proposed amount on these sites is higher than BTCpop, and have less flexibility. Here's an article to help get you started:

Best of luck, please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions, or need any further help, I am always available

I would suggest utilizing for finding an expert. This site will allow you to create a detailed project proposal based on your needs and give you maximum flexibility to create a payment structure that fits your budget. Depending on how the training is structured, you can pay the expert you choose either by the hour or session. Holding online training seminars with multiple individuals would be the most economical and effective way to accomplish your goals, then if needed, you can find another expert with at a lower rate to help answer further questions the attendees might have at on later date. This task could be performed at an hourly rate, as the bloggers would most likely need about 30 minutes of time to reinforce concepts learned during the seminar

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