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I would join facebook and insta groups that focus on the beauty industry and entrepreneurship. Once you do that, you can pose your questions there and will be surprised how many people will be willing to help with your query.

I would recommend getting the .com and .net (if possible) for your domain. Given that someone already owns the .com version of your desired domain, it will cost you a lot more on SEO and brand building to ensure your users go to the right account. Not worth it in my opinion and your time might be better spent on finding an alternate domain name where you can get both the .com (and .net if needed) at a lower price. Hope this helps!

Great questions and glad you are thinking about this early on!
1. You can validate your idea with a group of peers or masterminds
2. Depending on how flushed out your idea is, you can take it to your target audience for feedback
3. Validate the idea with experts in your space

There are a few good ways to get feedback from all 3 options and happy to chat more!

There are multiple ways to increase sales. These are some initial thoughts, and happy to get into additional details on these --
1. Facebook ads (we are currently running this for one of our portfolio companies and seeing really good conversions/cost of conversion)
2. Google ads
3. Pinterest
4. Website optimization -- if you have a website, this is a critical area you can optimize to get maximum sales conversions
5. Email -- this is one of the best ways to get sales and conversions. For our latest client, this is the #1 sales channel in terms of performance

As a pre-MVP startup, I would recommend the following for the MVP
1. Hire a co-founder who can help you build the MVP
2. Hire freelancers to build the MVP. If you do with this option, you will have to be extremely clear on what you want done or can be a huge $ and time sink. Some of the freelance websites that have worked well for me are Toptal (surprisingly good talent here!), Fiverr and Upwork.

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