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Ideas are great. But it depends on what idea you want to validate. Ideas have taken people to places, made them rich, famous and well to do. But a wrong idea can be disastrous. It not only wastes your resources but it takes the most important of all resources-time. So if you have an idea and you want to know maybe you should pursue it or not, you should meet an investment coach if it is about money but if it is about life, then you should meet a councellor to put you through. But if it is a partner in business that you are looking for, then it is better to start improving your connections to the moneybags of society cos they might just be able to help in that regard. If you would want to talk more about this, you can give me a call.

Marriage is a big thing friend. For your question on at what point in a marriage should you jump ship, the answer is only when the abuse becomes physical. This means that harm or even death can come in at that point. But apart from this, at no point in life should you leave your spouse. Marriage is like a mansion, it takes a long time to construct. If you decide to opt out at this point, you will start the building with a new woman meaning you have wasted the 5 years that you have known her.
People erroneously believe that marriage is always all bliss and that the fighting is always short term. This is not the case most times as mood swings and unhappiness can last for years in a relationship. Even at that, the love will prevail at the end. Marriage is not happiness, it is the greatest job that you can ever take on. Marriage is time consuming and emotionally tasking. So you might say why do I have to do this then-for the future when you are old. If you go for another woman, she will still develop the same kind of problem that you think this one has so it is not worth it. And like they say, you never have a better marriage than the first one. The sex and every "head in the cloud" emotion is beginning to dissipate and reality is starting to set in. She's just going through bad times because of her lost loved ones and her new status as being married because contrary to all opinions, marriage actually does restrict human freedom. Stay with her and help her get through this rough times, it might be for three or four years but your relationship will come out stronger on the other side and you would be glad you did. Call me if you have any more questions and I say to you: Welcome to Manhood.

It is almost impossible to get a professional marketer for that low price. Professionals have put in many years of service and possess many years of experience. It is likely no marketer would go that low. Mind you, it's a job to earn a living to the person and not charity work.
Freelancing, which you rejected is your only other option with the type of very low resources that is at your disposal. I have to agree with you that there are too many quacks in the name of freelancers on the web, but there is a solution. And this is to get freelancers only from vetted freelancing websites which tend to confirm that not only are the freelancers who they say they truly are, but their skills can also be vouched for due to tests and referrals that are verifiable by said website.
Also, it is advisable to link up with your fellow entrepreneurs who operste in thy same industry with limited resources to know the kind of human resources at their disposal which will be affordable for your young business. You can give me a call if you have more questions on this.

The reason for this might be cultural. There is no doubt that you are been seen, but to be seen and to be heard are two different things. Also, to be heard and to be patronissed is another different thing entirely. You are doing well on the marketing front by driving traffic to your website. But something might be wrong in that maybe what the people see on the website is either:
-customers have a better alternative: this has to do with someone doing it better than you out there.
-not attractive enough: getting patronized by customers is.like getting a man. A woman has to be her best to get one.
Solutions to this problem:
- know what the market in the field your website is operating is giving and attempt to if not match it, get closer to the quality content in the industry.
-seek the opinion of an American that knows their thoughts and what puts them off and make sure you don't step on that line.
Still got questions, call me up and we can have a chat

You have asked a good question. While many experts have tackled the question from the area of what marketing research is, talking about the tools needed inconducting a viable market research, I would like to tackle the question from the area of data reliability. I am using this angle because of the meagre resources at your disposal.
It is indeed a cause for concern if you are sourcing for investors. You need to be able to convince them that you have done your due diligence but without money this might be easier said than done. You can go with the Google questionnaires and all but be sure that the data is very reliable, consistent and also recent. This will make your potential investors to see that the data source is good and the proposed venture is what they can embark upon. Use also your personally gathered data and make sure that the interpretation is too notch. If you have any further questions you can call me for more help.

There is a difference between mixing up with the rest and been a trailblazer. If you want to just make money by owning a company, then you can join in the fray and just do what others have done before. However, it is different if you want your name stamped on the sands of time. Every great company has always looked for a problem in society to solve, s yearning, a void to fill.
Doing this will make you as a company unique, and no matter how the years role by, people will continue to see you as the real deal. Facebook was the first of its kind, while others like LinkedIn and We Chat have also come up, you will agree that Facebook has continued to hold on to top spot.

It depends on what you want to do after the MVP has been developed. The resources available to you will determine what to do. If your resources are limited, then it is advisable to hire freelancers who would earn by the hour and move on. If your resources is a bit on the high side, then you should gather a development team.
Whatever you do, know that if you intend to take the product to the top- which I assume you do, then it is better to get a development team that will work on the product from scratch. This will enable them to already be familiar with the developmental stages of the product. Unlike if you chose freelancers, the movement of product from MVP stage will be difficult and you will probably have to pay more to a new set of freelancers to understand the initial MVP stage. It means in simple terms, if you hire freelancers you get to pay twice cos you may not be able to gather the same team of freelancers but not so with the development team.

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