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I am the creator of International Natural Hair Meetup Day, the #1 multi-city natural hair event in the world--with events that occur in over 50 cities around the world on ONE DAY in May. I have 14 years of event planning experience in corporate, special events, non-profit and educational programming. I am known as the "Olivia Pope" of Event Planning and Branding--the ultimate problem solver. I run mastermind groups and coaching groups for those looking to learn the intricacies of event planning and how to create an event with maximum impact with minimum stress and moderate investment. I know what it means to create a following and to build a brand on a shoe string budget. Literally a wing and a prayer. My purpose is to equip and empower people to fulfill their purpose with passion and power.

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It is important to ensure you communicate the value of your event and what people will get from their investment. Then you have to over deliver. Next, you have advertising your event more than you probably want to--especially on social media. You have to figure out when your audience is online and make sure you're online promoting your event while they are there. For most entrepreneurs, early mornings and late evening seems to be their time. Hope this helps!

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