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I have helped drive sales for fortune 500 companies, mom and pop shops and everything in between. My expertise is in finding creative ways to grow online exposure and convert websites into sales machines that drive consistent, highly engaged traffic. Give me an hour and I'll lay out a plan for how to turn your website into a sales monster. ----------------------------------------------------------- My goal is to help you increase your online revenue by addressing three main areas of your online presence. 1 - The design - How does it look and how do people interact with it? Is it easy to navigate and is the call to action clear. This can include a review of your, content strategy and a comprehensive SEO Audit. 2 - The story - Why are people buying from you? You need to find compelling ways to share your story online in order to stand out from the competition and drive long term sales relationships. 3 - The sales process - How complicated is your sales process? We will review the entire sales workflow from prospect to profit. We'll even talk about what happens after the sale to make sure your customers stay happy after the sale. P.s. People also reach out to me to talk about misc creative problems they are facing. Feel free to reach out for any brainstorming reasons. You will not be disappointed with my problem solving process.

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The thing that has worked for me as a relatively inexperienced online marketer and designer, has been sharing the success I have had building my own personal brand.

It shows that I not only talk the talk, but also walk the walk. I have a hard time trusting people who are in SEO, Inbound marketing etc if they are not visible in search themselves or represent something online that makes me think they are capable of doing the things they tell me they can do.

Furthermore, when I first started out, I would build fake websites and just make up work to put into a portfolio. Sure the clients are fake, but the quality of work is not and that is what the buyer really wants. Honest insight into what you can actually do for them.

Hope this answer helps. Let me know if you would like to talk about it further.

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