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Think of your tagline as the tip of your pyramid. Your elevator pitch is the next level down. And you pitch deck is the base of the pyramid. Your elevator pitch should be a 30 second summary of your pitch deck and your tagline should be a 10 second summary of your elevator pitch.

In the example I link to above the tagline would be something like: "On demand mobile auto detail for busy office workers"

For investors, you can sometimes use a comparative tagline.


Investor version: Lending Tree for real estate agents
Consumer version: Let real estate agents compete to sell your home.

Try local Meetups and local chapters of Startup Grind and Founder Institute. Many of the ones I attend here in Orange County start with pitches from the floor, and there are often several events a week.

Bear in mind that all investors are looking to eliminate the following so make sure you address all of them proactively:

1) Market risk
2) Product risk
3) Execution risk

These typically map to your deck slides as follows:

Market Risk
• Problem
• Solution
• Market Size
Product Risk
• Product
• Competition
• Competitive Advantages
Execution Risk
• Team
• Business Model
• Go to Market
• Traction
• Financials
• Funding

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