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Founder @ajonit. I am a software engineer by profession. I started my first site on test automation back in 2006. The site saw immense popularity in a short span of time, since it was built on the foundation of love and dedication which I had for my profession. It now has a list of over 27,000 targeted folks and 12000+ RSS readers. Since then I have launched several sites and blogs, learning and unlearning about art of sales, marketing, web, analytics, wordpress, seo, automation which culminated in me starting an eLearning company based in India. I am fine with earning a little less money but believe in customer-first approach and don't believe in over hyped sales pages.
I like the idea of boot-strapping and hence have build everything on my own with no help/funding from outside. Be it membership sites, setting up wordpress blogs, getting traffic/SEO; I have done and seen it all. I am here to answer ( and possibly ask) questions which people may have.

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I have been doing exact this for several years now.

The right word is wordpress based 'Membership sites' There are several option available in the market today. Choose the one which has a solid support, enough integration with various tools, payment gateways etc.

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