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::ONLINE- Message Him Now:: Instagram Expert | CEO of OctoNation®- The Largest Octopus Fan Club 350k strong | Side Gigs: SonyPictures, MontBlanc, Uniqlo Warren is a Instagram Strategist who maximizes the community building power of Instagram. Specializing in social communities, he's optimized the engagement of entrepreneurs, small businesses, startups, agencies, & non-profits. If you're interested in vanity metrics do not book the call. Warren has worked with brands such as Sony Pictures, Condé Nast China, TVR Optical, Mont Blanc and GQ as well as numerous thought-leaders Warren's community has celebrity followers such as Michael B. Jordan, Erika Jayne, etc. As well as collaborated with influencers such as Grant Cardone, Ellen DeGeneres, book publishers, and various advertising agencies.

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Do pro-bono work with brands and influencers locally.

You have to figure out your angle (and maybe you have)

But I personally would begin to network with small businesses in the area who have worked with influencers. I would go in an say that I want to enhance the work that's being done with influencers to increase their ROI -- in that relationship you now have two people-- the influencer who is going to need ongoing work and the business and brand that could hire you separately depending on your work.

I don't think spending a ton of time on advertising when you are a creative is the best route to go-- you need to be creating and leveraging relationships.

Make no mistake though-- when money starts coming in you better HIRE someone who specializes in advertising ASAP. If you could have figured it out, you would have already-- accept that it's a weakness for you and move on to what you know how to do best.

Hope this helps you with some initial ideas!

If I were in your situation-- I would do Uber, Lyft, AirBNB (if you're able) Pay your immediate bills and use additional funds to see a psychologist and fix the root of the issue. Get practical.

You don't have to figure it out alone. Wishing you the best through these current circumstances.

I filed for a trademark past year and recently had it approved to learn that depending on use and how it's being referenced-- many things aren't worth taking to court. This very much seems like one of those instances (i'm not a lawyer and this isn't legal advice) -- I would search clarity for Andrei Mincov and grab 5 minutes of his time to make sure-- he's answered other peoples questions on trademarks here before.

Case Studies & Social Proof of the results you are getting for people & how at the end of the day they are converting for the customer. "Followers" is a vanity metric that not many business owners care about-- they care about conversions.

It's a short answer- that's not your money.

Don't focus your energy towards someone else selling in your space--- the truth is -- your market is big enough and talent rises to the top ( no one can replace your unique style & results!)

I want people to rip me off-- I feel strongly enough that I can go back into the lab and create!

Wish them well & focus on deliberate creation.

I recently helped a client grow a super engaged community of 22k followers from 0 in the month of July on Instagram. (@SlimeChimp)

Depending on the platform I'd say understanding who exactly your serving and tailoring every single posts objective to create value & facilitate conversation. Before posting a piece of content understand what you want that person to do next.

Instagram, now more than ever, is highly preference driven. There is an algorithm in place that scores the relevancy of each piece of content you post, to each one of your followers interactions individually.

Say you posted a photo/video/infographic that others shared with their friends by tagging them in the comments section- Because the post was relevant to them they visited your profile & chose to click the follow button under the assumption that you'd be providing more content like what they just interacted with.

If you keep varying your content without an ideal audience in mind- you'll lose.

I love strategizing on Instagram- reach out if you need any help!


PS: If you'd like to read further into Instagram changes-- check out my latest article

Since Instagram launched the archive feature- any trolling as it relates to this platform can be easily moderated. Simply (temporarily) archive the piece of content and moderate comments (block users) and un-archive the content. As far as people trolling the # in which your promoting your campaign-unless the content violates community guidelines there isn't much you can do- I would say from experience- this doesn't as often as you'd think.

If I had more specifics about the campaign I could suggest more-- good luck!

Distribution & Syndication is the name of the game...Most aren't aware that when your content is shared & liked by those not following your page, you are then given the opportunity to manually invite them to your page.
If you can find a collection of niche groups within facebook & share the content that speaks directly to them- you can jumpstart the engagement that could lead to lots more engagement.

Of course there is a lot more ways to distribute-- but i've found this one the most effective.

If you have any questions or want to screenshare as i walk you through this-- lemme know! :D

If your doing something fitness related I would create an Instagram account. Provide specific practical tips/ how to information- information that would get your ideal client a result without needing you- you'll be able to curate a feed and look book that makes sense to your target customer -- then start engaging with hashtags and keywords that are being used them. So much more traffic you can attract from a platform that has 600 million users than worrying about SEO on a daily basis.

Set up and optimize the profile with a lead gen in the bio/ post content with practical tips/ how to's / entertaining and educating videos - make that content visible to their target demo through relevant hashtags/ consider partnering with chamber etc-- optimize posts for engagement by asking questions and using Instagram stories to preview content on main page - engagement and auto liking content comes way after-- I think of Instagram as a party... bots as promoters-- if the content strategy isn't in place the bots can promote and spam all they want... the like to follow ratio will still be awful.

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