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He has been working in the area of business and product development, market testing, system development, and project management since 2004. Last 4 years of his career has been exclusively dedicated to learning and exploring methods of business start-ups and entrepreneurship. In this period he has worked on almost 500 or more small and medium enterprise development projects, with a significant rate of success. With a diverse academic background of engineering and management science coupled with even more diverse experience in the fields of engineering, business development, product management, enterprise development, he can help you in setting up or developing your business to the next level.

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i have seen companies hiring marking research agencies to anticipate consumer / customer reaction to their products, which cost then a fortune... often the loads of data which these agencies deliver in return is also too much to handle, once I saw a consultant recommending a 7 point questionnaire and asking one employee to sit down and call a few hundred customers in a week to get the response. That was much cost effective and pragmatic as well. This might be one thing where consultants can play their part.

lesser the steps the easier your customers would feel and higher their willing to purchase would be, if u the make the process difficult then it would be a turn down for your customers. If you can share further details, i might be able to answer in much better way, thanks :)

if someone else gets the patent before you do then you will be in trouble won't you? I think a the laws allows it however it specifically mentions that "Provisional applications for patent cannot claim the benefit of a previously-filed application, either foreign or domestic."... so its safer to keep your inventions with you before you patent it, its just common sense. If you want to show it to someone then sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you share the details with me, i will be in a better position to guide you. thanks.

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