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In less than an hour, I'll give you actionable advice uncovering hidden profits in your Shopify store, theme, and marketing to build a profitable sales funnel.

After knocking out a custom theme for a local client, I was personally invited by Head of Shopify Experts Dan Eveleigh to join the program. Of course I said yes, and I loved it so much that in 2014, I decided to niche down exclusively on Shopify, bowing out of all non-Shopify projects. Since then, I’ve been writing, talking, and teaching Shopify. Hell, I even run the single most popular Shopify podcast.

AVAILABILITY: It's my policy to work Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST because I protect my free-time with my family fiercely. I can't accept calls outside of those hours.

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With any site migration, your biggest issue will be in setting up URL redirect. Fortunately, Shopify supports this and all other essential SEO features like sitemaps, custom meta tags, opengraph tags, etc. If you need more than that, there's a few great SEO apps that can assists like New Leaf Labs.

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