Tony DiNittoFedEx / bread route consultant for buying a route.

I've bought, sold, flipped, managed, ran, brokered, and consulted on different types of routes (eg. FedEx, Snyders, Flowers, Pepperidge Farm, Bimbo Bakeries, Mission Tortilla, etc).

I can quickly help you determine if routes are right for you or not, as well as help you determine which routes are worth exploring more deeply and which ones you should just pass on.

I have been in the route world for over 10 years and worked with over 1000 people to varying degrees in regards to helping people understand routes better. I've worked with countless contractors, route engineers, corporate route employees, news agencies (Bloomberg, Reuters, Geekwire, Buzzfeed, FreightWaves, Commercial Appeal, etc), logistics research agencies, and terminal managers.

I have a passion for teaching people about routes and love the idea of showing people the actual and full truth on the massive upside (and downside) of routes.

To properly be able to understand routes on a deeper level, most people should plan on calls taking 30-60 minutes to be able to cover anything in enough detail such that you can get some serious value out of a call.

I currently run and manage the website:
Notes for how Clarity works:

Clarity bills by the minute, so a estimated scheduled call of 30 minutes that takes us 23 minutes, or perhaps 62 minutes, will be billed for the exact minutes actually used, not the estimation.

--- Course Option ---
If you're in a hurry to learn more about routes and hear many topics that I typically cover in a call, you can immediately hit the ground running with the Fundamentals of Route Evaluation course. The first hour of the course covers material I've gone over in typical Clarity calls and will get you to understand whether routes are the right choice for you. You can see more about the course / lectures / etc here:

A small minority of people need to also read this:

I enjoy this service because I want to help people find success with business ownership. However, you will likely not find success with routes if you're already strapped for cash, or "worried" about how long a Clarity call takes, or looking to "get rich" with routes. If this is the case, then buying a million dollar business is likely not your best option at this time and no call is necessary. Otherwise, I'd truly love to help you and please schedule a call.

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