AD KingAdventurer, Writer, Muse, Indie Artist Enthusiast

An autodidact, Andrea was a recipient of full scholarship to Principles of Artist Management training, funded by The City of Austin’s Cultural Division, a grant from Texas Commission on the Arts, and an award from National Endowment for the Arts.
Andrea often attends continuing music business educational courses offered in and around her home base of Austin, Texas.

Working with professional musicians for 19+ years.
She has been a successful service business owner, retail coffee shop owner, & has experienced success in Austin managing a mid-level Musician touring Texas, West Coast, Europe and Alaska.

About being an EXPERT: I have collected a vast amount of knowledge about things you may want to know as an Entertainment Entrepreneur.

My travel experience includes Europe with focus on Switzerland, Holland, bits of Germany and Italy.
I have "full time RV'd" for two and a half years after selling my business' in Alaska.

I want to help you reach your vision of success for yourself.
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I'm sure you know "crowd sourcing" is big these days and "Peer to Peer" lending might be available in your state.

With some good press, well written articles, and a quick interesting video you can attract the interest of the public that often times just wants to be 'in on something good'. To have the connection with your project or just helping a fellow human achieve their dreams. Never underestimate the power of the internet.

I could give you some site names, but googling the information in quotes should get you plenty of options.

Enjoy your weekend.

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