Kimberly SuttonSocial Media Marketing and Launch Strategist

Founder and Chief Everything Officer at Sutton Strategic Solutions and Sutton Creative Studios. Passionate about helping coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs develop and launch their online programs. Social media marketing expert. Grew her own Twitter account from 0 to 20,000+ followers in seven months.

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Clients have told me consistently that they "checked out" my Facebook page before hiring me. While prospective clients have engaged with me via LinkedIn and Twitter, make sure that your Facebook page is active and maintained.

Think about it this way - Over-complicated ideas can be too difficult to bring to fruition. Never dismiss an idea because you believe it's too simple. Believe in yourself and go for the gold!

Professionals hold back from delegating when they 1) feel it will take to long to teach someone else how to perform the task and 2) fear the task will not be performed to the level they expect. Delegating effectively requires building a team you can rely on. Employees and contractors who consistently show initiative and success in their projects are more likely to be delegated to. Project management programs (ie Basecamp, TeamworkPM and Podio) allow collaboration on projects, while at the same time allowing tasks to be delegated with a clear expectation of deadline.

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