John MeyerCEO/Founder at Lemonly

Founder and CEO at Lemonly. Would love to talk about design, infographics, productivity and focus. Or the Minnesota Twins.

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Try using Geckoboard. There is definitely a time investment in the setup, but you can get a great suite of products/metrics integrated into one dashboard.

Planning my day is the most important thing I do.

I do what I call my "8 for the Day" which is just a simple list of the 8 things I want to accomplish. I always make 6 work tasks, 2 personal tasks, on Saturdays I flip that ratio and on Sundays there are no to do's.

I figure if I can't get 8 things done in an 8 hour day then I'm not spending my time effectively. It also helps you sit down and physically write what is important to you.

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