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Creative director at healthmartwithcassie, customer rep at pixels Ltd, former educator at Herit Chris Academy.

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Truly educational and social impact projects are wonderful ways to impact on the society. recently, i did a project on MENTAL HEALTH ACTION PLAN with WHO under the International MUN platform as a volunteer and it was wonderful experience because i used social marketing strategies to move my project forward.
I can be of great help if you need a social professional to carry out any project you have.
you can call me for further questions and ideas.


Competing should not be the major concern or even a bother at all. the main target should be building your brand with unique features that are relevant to people. an industry giant has done a lot already, so competing with them wont be a good idea. the best approach is to move ahead by steadily improving your start up .

I don't think you need a unique idea. you just need the right idea that can solve problems. and also an idea that is linked to your passion.
i would love to use Kentucky fried chicken idea at age 65 as an example. this wasn't a unique idea, it was an idea he realized was attached to his passion for cooking and at the same time it solved problems for people who found it difficult to make their chicken crispy and delicious.

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