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The most important thing to understand is your audience, or rather your target customer.

In the beginning, it can be a bit overwhelming to all of a sudden tackle half a dozen social media platforms and do them all well.

Focus on just one or two platforms where you know your ideal customers are.

For example, if you're building a saas product for techies, get your butt on Twitter and engage with anyone and everyone who's commenting on related hashtags or other Twitter-ers. Twitterites.

If you're producing high-end physical products that look awesome in photos, post daily on Instagram and get people to oogle at your Instagram feed.

Of course you should still claim your business name on all the platforms just in case, but focus on a few.

Use tools like Hootsuite, MeetEdgar, IFTTT, and Zapier to help you automate some of the posting process.

Just don't cheap out on your content ;)

Focus on generating sales while you grow your followers.

I have an Instagram influencer account that took a few years to grow. To keep your business running, you'll need to get sales so that should be the focus at first. The followers will come.

Instagram is awesome for building a brand. Frankly, building a brand is the only way to build a successful business these days. You don't want to be just another fashion store.

These are my recommendations for building a following and leveraging Instagram for branding and sales:

1. Make sure you have your branding set.

Have a well-designed logo, color scheme, website and theme for your IG posts so that they all relate. Instagram is all about style and design, so it's perfect for fashion if you do it right.

2. Make sure you have a funnel in place.

You probably already have a Shopify or website set up. Make sure your link in the bio on Instagram directs people to either a special offer, a best-selling product, or your homepage where people can opt into your email list. Offer special discounts for anyone who opt into your list.

Instagram is great for generating leads. It's up to you to get people interested first, then sell them with special deals later.

3. Find influencers in your niche with over 50k followers to publish a promotional post for your best-selling products.

This will take some testing and money to pay influencers but is hands-down the best way to get sales WHILE building a following. This is why it's important to have steps #1 and #2 set first before getting thousands of people looking at your products and IG page.

Test out a variety of images with other large IG accounts to find the best images. Use different links for each influencer so you know exactly which influencer gave you the most traffic. Then double down and do more promos with the best accounts.

Over time people will naturally follow your page for special deals or items that they'll want to buy.

As simple as that ;)

For more tips feel free to shoot me a message.

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